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Graffiti Studio is a program which simulates the creation of graffitis
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Graffiti Studio is a program which simulates the art of graffiti. The user is given the opportunity to express his or her creativity by using a pen and three types of caps (brushes), which imitate the type of spray cans' caps; and a vast range of colors. The painter is represented in the program by a black shadow (probably to hide his identity) in the right corner of the screen. What is interesting and funny at the same time, is that the small avatar is actually moving according to the way the cursor moves.

The surface you paint on seems very realistic, keeping its shape and showing its texture even after the paint has been applied (the shadows from metal bars remain in their places when the paint is applied, etc.). The program only allows you to undo the last action, but you can use the "Preview" function to see how your painting looks as a whole, and if you like it, save it. Moreover, Graffiti Studio allows you to access its online archive and visualize other users' creations.

To conclude, Graffiti Studio is one of the best programs that preserve the way in which graffiti art is created.

Dennis Niels
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  • Enables you to create graffiti in a legal way


  • Can undo only the last action
  • No shortcut for undo
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